About The Catalog

Repair service continues to be my top priority, but some of my clients have requested that I make certain gadgets available for sale.  In response I am building this catalog.  Currently I offer only a small number of products, but I intend to expand this section of my site as time allows.  This is a new venture, and I'm uncertain of demand.  For this reason all items in the catalog are in a test marketing faze.  As a result they are being built on order.  Unfortunately this means that they cannot be shipped immediately.  Expect items to ship within a week of order placement. The only exceptions are my fencing gloves. While they too are in a test market faze, they are available for immediate shipment in the sizes listed on the order forms.  When ordering online you can pay with a Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express cards.  Transactions are handled securely buy PayPal.  Click here to view the catalog.
Happy shopping!