LightSide Glove
This glove is identical in pattern to the DarkForce glove. It is somewhat stiffer, however, and perhaps a bit more durable. Obviously, the color is also different. While Jedi* tend to prefer using their light-sabers* with bare hands, the USFA requires that your hand, and half your forearm be covered. So try this glove on for size. It's made of high quality, washable Amara. It has a nicely padded back, double-lined thumb and forefinger, and an elastic cuff with Velcro** closure

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*This glove is not a replica of any glove used in StarWars, or any other movie. Nor is it intended to be. "Jedi" and "light-saber" are undoubtedly a trademarks of Lucas Film LTD, or one of its affiliates. ArmorerX is not affiliated with Lucas Film LTD, and this is not a licensed product. Click hereto see my trademark & copyright statement.
**To be honest I don't know if these were manufactured with genuine Velcro, or a generic hook & loop fastener. Velcro is a trademark of Velcro Industries B.V.