Green/Gray Washable Glove
If you've been using Uhlman/Allstar or any other washable gloves, your in for a treat! Like the others, this glove is washable, and its pattern is similar to most popular washable gloves. But this glove is better!  Here's how: 
  1. It is more durable than other gloves because its thumb and forefinger are double lined. Also, the Amara material is more durable than the materials used in most other gloves.
  2. Many washable gloves' colors will bleed (including Allstar/Uhlman). These gloves will not bleed. You can safely wash them with your fencing uniform.
This glove is identical in pattern to the Green/Cream Washable Glove. Color is not the only difference, however. This glove is somewhat stiffer, and perhaps a bit more durable than the Green/Cream Washable Glove.

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Important Note: This run of Green/Gray Gloves came out a tad large. If you like your gloves snug, consider ordering a size smaller than your measurement indicates.
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