DarkForce Glove
Give in to the Dark Side. Any Sith Lord* would be proud to wear this glove. Made of high quality, washable, very supple Amara. Double-lined thumb and fore-finger. Nicely padded back. Elastic cuff with Velcro** closure. Feel the power!

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Huge Liquidation Sale!!!!
All gloves are now 50% off. That's only $10.00 a piece! Stock up while you can. Please use my mail form to check availability of sizes, styles, etc., and to place your order.

*This glove is not a replica of any glove used in Star Wars, or any other movie. Nor is it intended to be. "Sith" is undoubtedly a trademark of Lucas Film LTD, or one of its affiliates. ArmorerX is not affiliated with Lucas Film LTD, and this is not a licensed product. Click here to see my trademark & copyright statement.
**To be honest I don't know if these were manufactured with genuine Velcro, or a generic hook & loop fastener. Velcro is a trademark of Velcro Industries B.V.