Picture Of Bogdan Haiko Armorer ExtraordinaireWell folks, this is a one man show, so I have to blow my own horn.  I started armoring back around 1990.  In no time at all I became extremely good at it.  Now I am simply phenomenal!  I've worked at local tournaments, national tournaments, and everything in between.  Most of my work, however, takes place right in my work-shop.  I fix it all!  From body-cords, to reels, to those old, old, old, OLD scoring machines that nobody else likes to touch.  I specialize in those "hopeless" cases that other armorers give up on.  I provide repair services for divisions, clubs and individuals alike (checkout my services page for details).

A person like me can't help but invent stuff. Many items I use in my work could not be purchased anywhere, so I had to make them myself.  People often see me using these devices at tournaments and ask me to make some for them.  Now I aim to make them readily available to everyone through my new online catalog!  It is currently under construction so selection is limited. The catalog will grow, however, so check back regularly.  You can also join my mailing list if you wish to be informed of new products, promotions, and whatever I feel like sharing.  Just send me an  e-mail with the word "subscribe" in the subject field.